Not known Factual Statements About תגיש לי

עצם העובדה שהקדשת זמן רב מזמנך עבורי- אפילו שאיננו מכירים כלל, העיד על רצונך הגדול לסייע לי, ושנתת בי אמון.

שלום מיכל ושלומית, אני מעדכנת ששוחחתי עם תמר והעברתי לה מידע על האפשרויות לקבלת ליווי מוויקימדיה ישראל סביב מיזמים חינוכיים לכתיבת ערכים.

טרם קיבלתי חולצה על השתתפותי בויקיפדיה:מתקפת איכות/קטגוריות.

This screenshot exhibits the same edit as the wikitext diff. The Visible diff highlights the removal of one word and also the addition of a completely new sentence.

Be sure to keep in mind to reply to and – if acceptable – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which concentrate on the nominator will not likely affect the result of the nomination. Thanks!

שימי לב שבמידה ואת רוצה לבקש מחיקה של דף עלייך לבקש אותה בבקשות ממפעילים. תבנית מחיקה נועדה רק לדפים שאת יצרת.

A file you have uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, File:KD 1946.JPG, is lacking details about in which it arises from or who produced it, and that is needed to verify its copyright status. You should edit the file description and include the missing facts, or even the file could be deleted.

Remember to bear in mind to respond to and – if ideal – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which target the nominator is not going to impact the results of the nomination. Thank you!

The license on older photographs need to be replaced with a far better plus much more certain license/permissions and you can assistance by checking the images and introducing PD-self Should you be the author or on the list of other templates which you could see within the template over the impression web page.

Many thanks more info for your personal e mail with regards to this. I'm sorry though which i'm not inclined to undelete this. I'd personally hope by given that you should recognise that deletion conversations are never ever only votes so the quantity of votes isn't the only choosing factor. Remaining forever shown in the community location was only one issue. One other pertains to what art works are permitted beneath the exemption. The argument offered that paintings would be permitted from the exemption isn't convincing, especially in light of Presenti reviews, made soon after nearly all of that deletion dialogue, that "a creative function made for artistc function is in no way utilized art ( e.

Make sure you recall to answer and – if appropriate – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which target the nominator won't have an affect on the result of the nomination. Thanks!

הסרטון הזה לא הניח לי, הוא עורר בי מחשבה, ממש לא עזב אותי במשך כמה ימים ולא היה לי ברור למה.

Included an attribution template. This can be perplexing as the attribution template states not that attribution is needed, but that only attribution is required; this contradicts the cc-by-sa template.

Many thanks lots for contributing to your Wikimedia Commons! Here is a suggestion to generate your uploads far more beneficial: Why not add some types to explain them? This will likely aid more people to find and rely on them.

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